Document Imaging

Document Imaging allows utility districts to scan, import, view and print images. With Document Imaging, utilities can attach an image to a customer, third party, meter or owner record, reducing document management and physical storage requirements. Enhanced with QS/1’s security features, Document Imaging keeps you in compliance with Red Flags Rules. All images are encrypted and stored in a QS/1 database. Your staff can define the types of images and whether they are subject to Red Flags Rules. This provides your office the added capability to enforce security policies and procedures for accessing sensitive data.


  • Categorize documents and add new document types as needed
  • Scan and store digital copies of documentation for easy access
  • Free floor space by eliminating bulky filing cabinets
  • Become more environmentally friendly by reducing paper consumption
  • Save time by eliminating the need to search through paper files
  • Enjoy quick access to digital documents
  • Identify documents by date scanned
  • Use security features to help ensure Red Flags Rules compliance
  • Save electronic copies in appropriate areas for easy access
  • Improve customer service by having instant access to customers’ documents

Scan and Display these Documents

  • Rental agreements
  • Drivers’ Licenses
  • User Agreements/Contracts
  • Photos of Damaged/Broken Meters

Greater Efficiency

Creating digital documents eliminates time spent searching through paper files and filing cabinets. Documents can be saved with key words for quick access. Images can be viewed, printed or even exported from the individual record by office personal with the proper security privileges. This keeps the images only a click away and, in the process, eliminates the need for office personel to dig through paper files whenever a question arises about a document.

Advanced Security

QS/1 software has built-in security features so you can index, search, recall, view and print electronic documents without compromising customer privacy. Password protection enables you to assign different levels of access to documents. In addition to storing images, Document Imaging also gives you the ability to archive PDF copies of reports and store them in a QS/1 file for added security. At any time, you can review the archived copy of the report without actually running the report again.

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