Printing and Mailing Services

QS/1 Governmental Solutions has been renamed to PUBLIQ™ Software. Please click here to be redirected to our new PUBLIQ website.

QS/1 mails more than 4 million pieces of mail each year. Among those are utility bills, delinquent bills and tax notices for real estate, boats, property and vehicles. QS/1’s Batch Printing service eliminates the need for your office staff to spend time making sure everything is printed correctly. Eliminating time you would spend fighting paper jams and running bills to the post office for mailing.

QS/1 utilizes high-speed printers to produce large quantities at a much cheaper rate than cities and counties could without the expense of purchasing high-quality batch printers.

Service Benefits

  • Add inserts with your bills for a fraction of the cost of an additional mailing
  • Customize the look of your bill
  • Create graphs for prior year’s usage
  • Print vehicle tax, property tax, appraisal and assessment notices and utility bills

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