Business License

QS/1’s Business License module enables you to stay on top of changes with local businesses. Easily track payment history and ownership, customize rates by type and receive alerts to past-due taxes before renewing a license. Our customizable documents allow you to provide applications, receipts and licenses the way you want.

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Maintain a database of businesses
  • Access payment history and previous license information
  • Customize rates by business type
  • Add additional fees to license
  • Customize applications, receipts, notices and licenses
  • Share data with QS/1’s Accounting Suite
  • Easy access to embedded Help files
  • Utilize online and on-site training

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

  • Track ownership and location changes for quick and easy display
  • Handle all contractor work through a single annual license
  • Display past license information
  • Create custom reports and export data to Excel® and other formats

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