Finance Software

Accurately manage government financials with fully-integrated modules for accounts payable, general ledger, budgeting, billing and more. The integrated systems allow you to access past, current and budget data in real time. Manage inventory levels and calculate depreciation for fixed assets.

Accounting Suite

Maintain fiscal accountability across departments and offices with QS/1’s Accounting Suite. Keep accounts in balance, control your assets and more with the comprehensive activity based software. The easy-to-use system integrates with other QS/1 solutions including Payroll, Business License, Utility Billing and others, providing a complete, yet flexible, accounting solution.


The already difficult task of managing a payroll system is made even more challenging by a dizzying array of employee pay types and classifications. That’s why flexibility is one of the key ingredients in QS/1 Governmental Solutions’ Payroll module. Integrated functionality and built-in tools make managing any size payroll much easier.

Business License

Keep pace with the constant changes in your business landscape with QS/1 Governmental Solutions’ Business License module.

Fixed Assets

Do more than just keep track of your assets with QS/1 Governmental Solutions’ Fixed Assets module. Use the software to pinpoint equipment locations, manage depreciation, maintain compliance with GASB 34 reporting requirements and more.

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