Our History

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QS/1's Governmental Solutions provides software and services for municipalities, counties, and utility districts and is committed to providing the highest quality software and services.

For more than 50 years, local governments have relied on QS/1 Governmental Solutions for complete management of their daily operations, knowing they will have the latest technology and will always be compliant with government regulations. As a division of one of South Carolina’s most successful private companies, and with a deep history of technology innovations, our customers always receive the service and support they need.

A Unique Beginning

Unlike any other governmental software provider, the birth of QS/1 Governmental Solutions began in a small retail pharmacy in Asheville, NC.

In 1925, James M. Smith, Sr. opened the small mountain pharmacy, followed by 16 other pharmacies throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. In 1943, he established the Smith Wholesale Drug Company in Spartanburg, SC. After his sudden passing in 1951, his sons, James (Jim) Smith, Jr. and Henry Dale Smith, continued to operate and grow the business. Jim, who had degrees in pharmacy and electrical engineering, spent much of his time learning everything he could about the new mainframe computers that were beginning to make an impact on business. His interest in electronics resulted in the company becoming one of the first in the nation to utilize the infant technology of computers. His early computer tinkering and vision for the future laid the groundwork for what would become Smith Data Processing (SDP) and eventually QS/1 Governmental Solutions.

At first, the computers were only used for internal bookkeeping, such as preparing monthly reports and maintaining payroll. However, the machines were so expensive that Jim decided to help pay for them by contracting with local firms to do their computer work. In 1959, the company launched SDP in an effort to fully utilize its new mainframe computer. It provided local industries and government agencies with everything from payroll to property tax notices. In 1965, SDP contracted with Spartanburg County to handle its tax notices, and 30 South Carolina counties soon followed. After many years of growth, SDP was named as a separate division of the Smith Wholesale Drug Company, now known as QS/1 Data Systems.